Private buses in WP should be painted blue after April 1

Sri Lanka bus

Western Province Road Passenger Transport Authority said yesterday new laws would be introduced from April 1 to make it compulsory to paint private buses in blue.

They would be provided a grace period of two months from April 1 to remove additional items such as stickers, paintings, sound systems and extra horns.

Road Passenger Transport Authority Chairman Thusitha Kularatne said private buses could be easily identified if they had a distinct colour. He said blue was chosen as it was pleasing to the eyes and would reduce road accidents to some extent.

“Multi-coloured private buses with colourful stickers have resulted in several accidents, as the bus drivers in other buses get drawn to these distractions,” Mr. Kularatne said. and added that laws would be introduced to remove all the additional itemss other than those approved by the Department of Motor Traffic.

He said it was essential to have a suitable environment for passengers to travel in private buses in the Western Province and added that seats should be provided for pregnant women, clergy and disabled persons.

About 6,000 private buses operate on 475 bus routes in the Western Province alone.

At the end of the grace period, legal action would be taken against those violating the new laws. It may result in cancelling or suspending the route permits.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Chaturanga Samarawickrama)