Sarath Fonseka explains how to remain in power

Sarath Fonseka

Parliamentarian Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka says the Samagi Jana Balawegaya must identify mistakes made in the past and engage in a journey to resolve the matters.

Speaking to media in Ambalangoda, Field Marshal Fonseka said the people will have no hope if the SJB also engages in the same old traditional political journey after coming into power.

He said the value of the rupee depreciated during the term of the former good governance government as well adding the value of the dollar increased by around Rs.30.

He claimed therefore the former government is also responsible for the country’s journey towards poverty.

Field Marshal Fonseka noted the opposition must understand the situation and move forward by correcting the setbacks, adding there is no use of establishing a government without resolving these matters.

The MP added if a government is formed without making the necessary changes, the government will be toppled in five years.

He claimed no government in the country had toppled due to the skills of the opposition, adding it was because those in power acted in a reckless manner.

Field Marshal Fonseka said the present political culture must be changed and all factions must unite for this purpose.

(Source: News Radio)