Sri Lanka mulls fines for skipping booster dose?

Coronavirus vaccine

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health says it is looking into the possibility of proceeding with legal action against those who do not take the booster dose of the COVID vaccine.

Dr. Anver Hamdani, Director Medical Technological Services and Ministry Coordinator in charge of COVID-19 said that European countries as well as various developed nations are initiating legal procedures to make the third dose mandatory.

He said that in Sri Lanka too the Minister of Health has sought the advice of the Attorney General with regard to this.

“Accordingly, we hope to work within a legal framework in the future based on that legal advice.” He stated that the fact that developed nations are pursuing legal action shows the importance of this matter.

He said that the aim of imposing a fine or implementing such laws pertaining to the third dose of the vaccine is to safeguard the people. “It is the responsibility of all of us to strengthen our security at our own discretion, with that personal responsibility in mind.”

(Source: Ada Derana)