Saudi Arabia rejects allegations that it knew Eaters Sunday attack beforehand

Saudi Arabia flag

The Saudi Embassy in Colombo says that it categorically rejects a media report by a newspaper in Lebanon that Saudi Arabia knew the Easter Sunday terror attacks beforehand.

Al Ahed news website published the particular news items quoting a secret letter sent signed by Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Ibrahim Bin Abdul Aziz Al Azaf to the Saudi Ambassador in Colombo.

In the letter sent to Colombo, 5 days before the Easter Sunday attacks had advised the Saudi Ambassador to delete all communication data he had with local and foreign members or groups from the date system.

It also advised him to distance especially from churches, common places and public gatherings especially Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, in a communiqué, Saudi Embassy in Colombo states that it expresses its displeasure and condemned the particular news report which made the wrong accusation against the Saudi Government.

It further states that Saudi Arabia has no links to the Easter Sunday bomb blasts in Sri Lanka and says that the source of the particular news items are disputed.

(Hiru News)