Senior Oncologist arrested for alleged assault on staffer at Karapitiya Hospital

Handcuffs - Arrest by Police

A senior oncologist of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a female junior staff member during a contentious situation that had ensued on Wednesday (January 17).

According to Police, the 61-year-old specialist doctor in question, who was arrested by Galle Police, is now receiving medical care at a private hospital under police custody.

He had assaulted the junior staff member during a heated argument between him and the other staffers on Wednesday morning after he accused them of disrupting hospital services by going on a token strike the day before.

Although the hospital authorities have brought the situation under control, the female junior staff member got herself admitted to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, citing an assault by the senior oncologist.

Further investigations are underway.

UPDATE – 03:05 PM:

The senior oncologist who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female junior staff member at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, has been remanded until January 22, 2024 on orders of the Galle Magistrate’s Court.