Seven Wild Elephants found dead in Sri Lanka’s Polonnaruwa Wildlife Reserve

Seven Wild Elephants found dead in Sri Lanka's Polonnaruwa Wildlife Reserve

(Photo credit: Daily News)

Authorities reported that seven wild elephants were found dead in the Handapanwila area of the Polonnaruwa Wildlife Reserve in Sri Lanka due to drowning.

This conclusion came following postmortem examinations conducted on May 27 by Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Kaluarachchi.

The carcasses of the elephants were discovered scattered across the Handapanwila, Villuwa area on Sunday (May 26).

According to a wildlife official, the deceased elephants included two between 15 and 25 years old, four approximately four years old, and one about one year old.

Wildlife officials suspect that the herd encountered treacherous conditions while attempting to cross the Ode Ela, a waterway in the area.