Severe weather in Sri Lanka claims 16 lives, affects over 84,000 people

Flooding in Sri Lanka

Sixteen deaths have been reported in Sri Lanka due to ongoing adverse weather conditions, according to the Disaster Management Centre (DMC).

The DMC also reported that more than 84,000 people from 21,353 families have been affected by the severe weather.

Additionally, six people have been injured, and five are missing. The fatalities, reported from June 1, 2024, are distributed as follows:

  • Ratnapura: 5 deaths
  • Colombo: 3 deaths
  • Matara: 6 deaths
  • Galle: 2 deaths

Eight districts have been impacted by the severe weather, with 77 people relocated to safe locations.

The weather has also caused significant property damage, with six houses completely destroyed and 1,214 houses partially damaged.