SF warns LTTE threat not over

Sarath Fonseka

Sparks of terrorism were still surfacing from the smoldering ashes even though the political leaders boasted in air-conditioned rooms that they had ended the war, former army commander and SJB Gampaha District MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said in Parliament yesterday.

Participating in the third reading debate on the budget 2021 under the expenditure heads of the Ministry of Defence, Field Marshal Fonseka said that a former female LTTE cadre had been captured with a bomb the previous day. “Boasting in air-conditioned rooms that we have defeated terrorism would not ensure safety and security. Thorough investigations must be conducted into incidents such as the arrest of the woman with a bomb.

It is illegal to commemorate the LTTE dead. The LTTE is a banned organisation so it is illegal to commemorate the LTTE terrorists killed in the war. Our MP Mano Ganeshan has spoken in favour of the LTTE Maveerar Commemoration. That is wrong.”

The former war-winning Army Commander said that he had thought out of the box to win the war. “When I commanded 200,000 officers and men during the war, I did not give place to the talented, instead I removed the mediocre so that it allowed the talented to come forward. We managed to change our fighting methods such as stretching the 400 metre frontline to 15 km. Such thinking is needed to ensure that safety and security is intact.”

“The Burevi cyclone should have come several more days early so that there would have been no Maveerar commemoration. It exactly hit the areas from where we swept away the Maveerar ceremonies years back. I do not like people getting affected but those who talk of the Maveerar day arouse racism here. It must be stopped.”

(Source: The Island – By Saman Indrajith)