SLFP not responsible for Government’s downfall

Mahinda Amaraweera

Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera said the Sri Lanka Freedom Party was not prepared to be part and parcel to the government’s downfall if the government was not prepared to accept the positive features of their proposals to overcome the prevailing crisis.

Addressing a ceremony yesterday in Angunukolapelessa to distribute equipment for self employers, he said it was obvious that mismanagement had created a crisis. He said that orders for fuel had been placed under the right procedure and any shipments of fuel had not been reversed, but delays had resulted in payment of demurrage and additional costs.

“Today the people are facing hardships due to the spiralling cost of living and shortage of essential consumer goods. They wait in long queues for their requirements of fuel. Shipments have arrived but the shortages prevail due to the delays caused by mismanagement. The government should identify the priorities whether it is roads or electricity, water and consumer goods. The SLFP that realized this situation put forward a series of proposals to overcome the prevailing crisis. However, it would not serve any purpose of being with the government if these proposals were not implemented,” he said.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Anisha Manage)