Son of MP arrested for assaulting policeman

Police have arrested the son of a prominent UNP Parliamentarian charged with assaulting and injuring a police officer while under the influence of alcohol, wilful obstruction of a police officer and use of criminal force.

Police media spokesman SP Prishantha Jayakody stated that a car had met with an accident today (June 04) morning at Colpetty junction. Police and army personnel on duty at the nearby checkpoint had rescued the passengers of the vehicle, which had toppled after hitting construction material.

Several individuals had then arrived at the scene in a jeep and one of them started attacking the driver of the car, the spokesperson said.

When police officers had intervened to resolve the issue the individual, claiming to be the son of a United National Party MP, had also assaulted a police constable.

It has been reported that the assaulted policeman has been admitted to the Colombo General Hospital for treatment.

The politician’s son has been arrested and was subsequently presented before the Colombo Judicial Medical Officer.

Colpetty Police have commenced further investigations into the incident, SP Prishantha Jayakody further added.


Courtesy: Ada Derana