Sri Lanka must retain ownership of all Terminals – Nalinda

Nalinda Jayatissa

The JVP says Sri Lanka should retain absolute ownership of all Container Terminals of the Colombo Harbour.

Speaking to media in Kandy, Former Parliamentarian Nalinda Jayatissa said the country’s assets should belong to its citizens.

Commenting on the East Container Terminal of the Colombo Harbour, Former MP Jayatissa said the government must use taxpayers’ funds and other state revenue to develop the Port.

He said they commenced the campaign to save the East Container Terminal and termed the move an attempt to protect the entire Colombo Port.

He said selling the West Terminal cannot be considered a patriotic act and therefore called on patriots to oppose the sale of all terminals of the Port.

He said all terminals should remain under the purview of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

He said regardless of the terminal, they want all assets of the country to be protected.

He urged all progressive parties to rally against the move. MP Jayatissa said all terminals can be safeguard through such steps.

He said the public will also rally against the government if it decides to sell the West Terminal of the Port.

He reiterated that all operations should remain under the purview of the SLPA.

Former JVP MP Nalinda Jayatissa said all progressive forces including the clergy must work together to safeguard national assets. He added they commenced a campaign to protect and safeguard state assets.

He extended an open invitation to all unions, progressive parties and the Maha Sangha to come forward and be part of the struggle to save the country’s resources.

He stressed no one should be allowed to deceive the public and handover assets to either India, the US or China.

He said the public should be mindful of the attempt by rulers and motives of foreign powers and work towards protecting the country’s resources.

(Source: News Radio)