Sri Lanka ranked 141 out of 180 for media freedom and security

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Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) stated that many of the journalists who were on the front line of exposing corruption in countries have been met with brutal resistance around the world.

They added that although Sri Lanka has shown a slight improvement, a survey carried out by Reporters Without Borders in Paris has revealed that Sri Lanka is still ranked 141 put of the 180 countries, on our media freedom status.

The survey carried out encompassed media security, the quality of the legal framework, media freedom and pluralism in the country.

In the light of World Press Freedom Day, process have begun to adopt two legislative rules, which if enacted without the proper guidance of the stakeholders, could in fact be seen as a restrictive pieces of legislation, which will affect press and media freedom.

TISL have called upon the journalists and media institutions in the country to help draft the proposed Counter Terrorism and Media Council Bills.

(Ada Derana)