Sri Lanka to introduce minimum speed for vehicles traveling on Expressways

Southern Expressway in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Transport, Bandula Gunawardena said on Tuesday (January 30) that steps will be taken to introduce a minimum speed for vehicles traveling on expressways.

“The decision was taken in view of the accidents caused by vehicles traveling at low speeds,” he said.

The Minister stated this while answering a question raised by a journalist at the Cabinet media briefing held at the Government Information Department on Tuesday (January 30).

The gazette notification containing the new provisions will be issued in the next two weeks, Minister Gunawardena said.

A special discussion in this regard was held on Monday (January 29) with all relevant experts as well as institutions including the Police, where it was revealed that the main cause of accidents on the Katunayake-Colombo expressway is driving at high speed and driving at less than the recommended speed.

It is also expected to implement a special program of deploying specially trained personnel to rescue victims of accidents on expressways and to introduce minimum speed on expressways.