Sri Lankan Government to offer Rs.7,500 allowance to worst-hit citizens from World Bank, Asian Development Bank fund

People counting money to buy gas in Colombo, Sri Lanka

(Photographer: Jonathan Wijayaratne / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

In a bid to support the people from the worsening economic crisis that has made it challenging to access food, fuel and gas, the Sri Lankan government yesterday (July 01) said it is gearing up to provide a fresh round of assistance to those severely impacted.

From this month onwards (July), the government plans to roll out an allowance of Rs.7500 to those hit by the crisis, said Plantations Minister Ramesh Pathirana.

The allowance will be extended from the funds received from the international donor agencies. Part of the allowance will be offered from the US $ 200 million from the World Bank (WB), while part will be from the US $ 200 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Samurdhi beneficiaries, senior citizens and medical-related persons are those among who are eligible for the allowance.

However, the minister did not share how the handout will be offered.