Sri Lanka’s sympathy for the murdered British soldier and calls for “murdering British troops”

Sri Lanka’s sympathy for the murdered British soldier and calls for “murdering British troops”

– by Shenali Waduge –

All Sri Lankans are united in extending their sympathies to the family of 25 year old British army officer Drummer Lee Rigby who was cut and chopped to death in broad daylight by 2 Islamic protestors who were allowing themselves to be taped and gave a message to the world that beckons us to review the status quo of all conflicts that prevail round the world and necessitates the general public of all countries to stand up to their Governments and  their local representatives and say “we do not want wars and conflicts, stop manufacture and sale of arms, we don’t not want extremists to be armed to advance our political agendas, we do not want to be victims any more of “eye for an eye” policy which is what the killing was all about.

The President of the powerful nation of America and the nation that once the sun never went down on can come before its people and make the most emotional of speeches but it cannot hide some home truths and it is these home truths that are now finding their nemesis cutting short the lives of innocent people like Drummer Rigby whose life ended abruptly.

There are many Drummer Rigby’s round the world – it is not ONLY the West that can weep.

There are many 2 year old Jack’s round the world too – who have no one to call father.

Our politicians are failing us every day. Instead of finding nicer ways to bring up the economies of nations, the standard of living and the sustainability that we owe to the Earth as citizens of the planet, we are destroying it by engaging in nuclear arsenal, chemical weapons, scientific experiments that put to the dustbin every value and good thoughts religions of the world promote, we are polluting the environment with man-made creations that are slowly but surely going to blow up in our face and destroy the only planet where humans live and can live.

The people of the West are blinded because their media relay information that hides the truth about what their governments did, are doing and will do in the future. Many of these people appear to think that the entire world is their enemy and everyone other than their governments are terrorists. This is a notion that has been incrementally fed to them by their media. There are only a handful of journalists who dare to speak the truth in the West all others are essentially gagged on what they can say – so much for media freedom. But that is the truth – they know it but there is the façade of “human rights” and “democracy” to promote because these slogans have been the footsoldiers to upstage and upset nations and national leaders.

The eye for an eye policy has been brought upon the West by their own actions. This is certainly not the way to go but the greater meaning behind this is for Obama and Cameron and the Christian EU nations to seriously evaluate to wonder whether their multicultural experiment has not brought the enemy home. When one’s freedom fighter is the other’s terrorist we can understand why the UN remains a ceremonial entity and nothing but a job bank and nothing else.

When the very powerful nations of the world manufacture arms and depend on its sale – these arms need to have a demand, that demand is created to kick start a supply and that demand and supply needs conflicts. Are we surprised when there is no end to conflicts, are we also surprised that illegal arms manufacturers also exist using the logic that if governments can make profits selling arms and creating conflicts why can’t they? But there are also governments that make double profits by arming both sides of a conflict! Those involved in the conflicts who know the real game also get their commissions on a chessboard that really ends up fooling the masses. In the international arms trade “roughly $2.5 billion a year is paid in bribes, nearly a tenth of turnover

Therefore, to do what Sri Lanka did calls for a lot of pluck whilst naturally upsetting the equilibrium that existed – an entire chain of people got affected monetarily and other wise.

The negotiators and the peace talkers are simply part of that chain because it secures their existence and to this basket we shall put the human rights organizations as well – their job is to create Stockholm Syndrome type situations.

Of the 100 arms manufacturing companies 75 are Western (41 American / 34 West European). The 3 largest arms manufacturers are all US – Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing. Their combined revenues account for 1% of the United States’ $10 trillion GDP. Overseas weapons sales by the United States totaled $66.3 billion in 2011, or more than three-quarters of the global arms market, valued at $85.3 billion in 2011. Russia was a distant second, with $4.8 billion in deals. From 1998 to 2001, the USA, the UK, and France earned more income from arms sales to developing countries than they gave in aid. In 2003, The United States transferred weaponry to 18 of the 25 countries involved in active conflicts. 20 of the top 25 US arms clients is declared by the US State Department as violators of human rights!

The newest trend has been to outsource terror to Islamic extremist groups who are degrading the Prophets teachings by applying a new version of how the Muslims should live under Sharia laws they create. We cannot accept that a universal religion like Islam would advocate killing of people unless the British created Wahhabi cults are defacing Islam. They are carrying out an agenda targeting the Muslim world on the one hand while the West plunders nations occupies those that are of strategic interest whilst it does not mind leaving the rest to the Wahhabis to turn to Sharia nations. These  exported-imported rebels unleashed in countries currently face a wave of Islamic extremism and end up in battle with the rest of the world wondering why Muslims are killing each other. There is a bigger story in this and a little bit of research will reveal the true story. It was these imported extremists that created the Arab Spring on behalf of the West, created Kosovo, supposedly “liberated” Iraq and Libya and who now rule Egypt with Egyptians now realizing their folly.

The West in cahoots with these extremists must be told by the people of the world that we think these Western governments anything but democratic and these extremists anything but followers of Prophets Islam.

Not many Muslims would like to accept the connivance of the West in particular the British in creating the Wahhabi cult targeting the Muslims but within this hate conundrum it is not unusual to find many people like the men who killed Drummer Rigby because they are unable to trace the links to the connections that exist between democracy and extremists.

Much as we sympathize with Drummer Rigby and his family who mourn his untimely death what Premier Cameron and President Obama needs to understand is that behind their eloquent speeches a totally new game takes place covertly and overtly. So when they declare their desire for nations to be democratic – what they really mean is entirely the opposite. Whenever nations rise following a democratic way – the West goes and destroys it. Democratically elected governments are overthrown or rebel groups are armed to destabilize these nations or dictators are installed instead. When democracy could have prevailed in the Muslim world – the West made sure it didn’t. The people who could have introduced democracy, freedom and human rights were killed – Congo’s Patrice Lumumba is the best example.

The West is guilty of making a bad thing worse – instead of allowing people of sovereign nations to elect and choose their leaders the West interferes to elect people who will serve only the West. Should we be surprised that there are over 12billion ammunitions (almost 2 for every person living on earth).

If the West were to ask itself “Did we create these monsters?” – the answer is why the West is today hated.

Unless the people of the West is aware of the ACTIONS by the West that create these REACTIONS – the world will continue to fail to find the root cause to the world’s ills.

World disorder needs to end. We need to return to fundamentals. The craving for power, money is turning people into inhumans.

The people of every country must finally tell their politicians that diplomacy is not destroying fellow nations. Good will and good ethics need to prevail. Profiting from arms manufacture and waging conflicts must stop.