‘Tamils will reject Gota even if TNA asked them to vote for him’

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Even if the TNA asked the Tamils to vote for Gotabaya, they will not accept it, Batticaloa District TNA Parliamentarian G.Srinesan said.

He said so when at an event to vest the Gamperliya development projects with the public at the Poratheevupattu D.S.Division in the Batticaloa District on Saturday.

“The bell has been rung for the Presidential election. Many have entered the fray. One of them is Gotabaya Rajapaksa who could be described as a bullet that had penetrated the chests of the Tamils, while the other is Anura Kumara Dissanayaka. There is a question mark that prevails in the UNP with regard to a candidate. As such we have an obligation to scrutinise the three candidates,” he said.

He said that Gotabaya Rajapaksa had been fielded as the first candidate and that they had to think seriously whether they could cast their votes to him. “We have to think as to what solution he will evolve for us and what he had accomplished in the past. If we are asked to vote for him, there could be only mere foolishness and a sense of selfishness as an undertone in that request.

“We should weigh the pros and cons as to who were those who caused damage and destruction to us and reject them totally. On the contrary, we should consider about those who could do at least some good to us, who could bring about a political settlement, who could bring about developments to our region, who could work on the missing people and the political prisoners and who could release our occupied lands. All these have to be carefully evaluated in consultation with our propel and arrive at a decision in consultation with the people and will not take any arbitrary decisions,” he said.

“However, the people have already begun to voice out as to whom to support and we cannot decide against the wish of the people. We have to abide by the decision of the people,” Mr.Srinesan said.

When Maithri and Mahinda were contesting during the last presidential elections, the people decided whom to be discarded. It was not who became the victor, but it was vital whom to be defeated and rejected, he said.

“What is important here is that the person who should be defeated should be defeated at all cost,” Mr.Srinesan said.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By V. Krisnaa)