Three killed, six injured in two shooting incidents in Ambalangoda and Elpitiya

Gun shooting

Three people have been killed, while six others have been injured in two shooting incidents in Ambalangoda and Elpitiya.

According to reports, two people were killed, while three others were injured in a shooting incident at Galagoda in Ambalangoda.

Police stated that two gunmen, who arrived on a motorcycle, opened fire inside a shop at Galagoda using a T56 assault rifle before fleeing the scene.

The three wounded individuals have been admitted to Balapitiya Hospital.

Ambalangoda Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.

Meanwhile, one person was killed, while three others, including a woman, were injured following a shooting incident at Pitigala in Elpitiya.

The injured individuals have been admitted to Gallinda Regional Hospital.

The shooting occurred this evening (March 11) by two unidentified individuals who arrived on a motorcycle using a T56 assault rifle, near a shop in the Guruwala area in the Pitigala police division.

Pitigala Police are conducting further investigations.

UPDATE – 2024-03-12 – 09:05 AM:

An individual injured in the shooting incident in Pitigala, Elpitiya, has succumbed to their injuries in the hospital, bringing the total death toll from the incident to 2.