UNP rejects alliance with ‘ball playing’ SLMC

The UNP has decided not to have any truck with the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), since it had done nothing to protect Muslim rights nor prevent the religious extremism being practiced by forces within the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

Senior UNP MP Kabeer Hashim told a news conference in Colombo that the SLMC was paying “pooja” to the Rajapaksa’s and “playing ball” having completely forgotten their duty to the community, whom they claimed to represent.

“The Muslims have been given a raw deal under the present administration. Not only have their religious places of worship been attacked, even lands belonging to them in the Eastern province had been grabbed by agents of ruling party politicians,” he said.

Hashim said that 600 houses built, with Saudi Arabian funding, for tsunami victims in the East, most of whom were Muslims, have still not been distributed to the deserving. Nevertherless, the SLMC was trying to justify its actions by making irrelevant statements while enjoying the various perks and privileges.

The UNP was willing to support any party or group that stands independently. But will have no truck with certain forces who were trying to regroup in the East, with a view to bolstering the Rajapaksa regime which has become very unpopular, he said.

Asked if the UNP was willing to offer the post of Eastern Province chief ministerial candidate to the SLMC if it took an independent stand, he said that it was difficult to give such guarantees at this stage.

Hashim said that any party that wanted to forge an alliance with the UNP would have to first come under the elephant banner. It was only thereafter that the nitty grittys could be discussed.


Courtesy: The Island