Will ensure democracy, national unity & eliminate corruption: Anura

Anura Kumara Dissanayake

National People’s Movement (NPM) Presidential candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake today revealing his manifesto said he will ensure democracy, national unity and eliminate corruption.

The JVP Leader unveiled his manifesto at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in Colombo today.

Dissanayake said his government would give prominence to law and order. “Every leader has been above the law. We will ensure the Police, Attorney General’s Department and the Judiciary is restructured.”

He said he will bring in provisions to legalize the presidential manifesto to hold candidates accountable for their promises.

Meanwhile, he said national unity and national security will be upheld through eliminating any form of extremism.

Dissanayake said national security need not be the responsibility of ‘Army Generals’.

He further promised to eliminate corruption and wastage in the government sector. “The country is debt ridden but the politicians are rich. We will ensure that the state sector will be turned into public service sector rather than a means for politicians to fill their pockets. ”

Dissanayake said presidential retirement benefits will be stripped off, while president’s maintenance cost will be reduced by 90%.

He said presidential mansions constructed around the country will be converted into libraries, hotels and cultural institutes while public resources claimed by leaders will be taken back to the government.

“The system that qualifies parliamentarians to a life long pension after just 5 years of service will be stripped off. The cabinet will be reduced to 30 ministers and 30 deputy ministers.”

He said Vehicle permit benefits will be stripped off for parliamentarians.

“We will eliminate political appointments to ministries. Today you see jobs given to family members of politicians”

Speaking further, he said government corporations will be turned into profit making entities.

“The Ceylon Electricity Board, SriLankan airlines, CPC have been making colossal losses due to corruption. we ensure that will turn these into profit centres.”

Speaking further he said as a means to improve revenue, his government would encourage small and medium entrepreneurs.

“We will encourage mineral based export industries. We will restrict imports that can be produced in Sri Lanka. Small and medium entrepreneurs will be given priority.”

He said Sri Lankan embassies will be pushed to look for business opportunities.

Other key promises in his mandate, included the claiming back of land sold to foreign companies and making legal provisions to protect farming land.

“We will not allow forests to be cut down for industries or housing. We will also put an end to the human elephant conflict.”

(Source: The Morning)