Will lead movement to protect SLFP – CBK

Chandrika Kumaratunga

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has promised to give leadership to the new movement to protect the Sri Lanka Freedom Party that has arisen after the current leadership signed and alliance with the SLPP.

In a public statement yesterday the Former President called on all SLFPers to use their vote rationally in the forthcoming presidential election.

“All efforts should be taken to prevent the attempts by a set of conspirators to destroy the party which has ensured the democratic rights of the people,” Kumaratunga said.

The former President has vowed that she will lead the forces to protect the Sri Lanka Freedom Party at the expense of her life as she led the party to victory in 1994 after 17 years of misery.

“I will give the leadership to the battle begun by party members for the protection of the party,” she said and argued that the party has been “betrayed to a set of conspirators to achieve narrow and petty objectives of several individuals through an agreement”. “This agreement was signed on October 10 which falls the 19th death anniversary of legendary leader of the party and former Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike”, she said

Bandaranaike said that the party has failed to field a candidate for the upcoming election to elect the 7th executive president of the country though the party has contested all elections since independence.

“The Sri Lanka Freedom Party holds the democratic norms and principles in high esteem. The founder of the party sacrificed his life for the sake of upholding democracy “, she said.

Bandaranaike said former SLFP leader Sirimavo Bandaranaike had to face untold hardships and disgrace in her endevour to ensure the democracy in the country. “Thousands of SLFPers sacrificed their lives for this cause”, she said

“The SLFP is not a political party comprising fraudsters or murderes. It is a party of the downtrodden masses in the country. Our party members do not want to see an era in which racism , lawlessness and despotism reign again”, she said.

She said that SLFP pioneered in freeing the country from the shackles of imperialism and brought real freedom to the country.

“Our party ruled the country more than any other party because it was committed to uplift the democracy, freedom and equality. The party under Bandaranaikes for 54 years did not kill people not it plunder the public assets.

Bandaranaike said that the party rule the country in a more transparent manner . “The SLFP uplifted the national economy by adopting people friendly economic policies .

The party produced prime ministers, presidents and community leaders and less privileged in the society were strengthened economically and educationally under the party’s rule.

(Source: Daily News)