Youth will not need to run behind politicians – Sajith

Sajith Premadasa

The era of youth running behind politicians and the powerful will come to an end once the Youth Charter is implemented under his Presidency, New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa declared on Monday when launching Sri Lanka’s first Youth Social Charter at the Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo.

Once the Charter becomes a law of the country, the country’s youth will be liberated from virtual slavery and empowered to become a great strength to the country.

Minister Premadasa promised to present the Charter to Parliament within the first three months after he assumed presidency and make it a law of the country.

Addressing the gathering Premadasa said the Youth Charter would become a chapter etched in golden letters in the history books as it was the first time such an initiative has been mooted in Asia.

“When the charter becomes a law of the country youth will get the strength, support and stability to an extent which was not present before. This will pave the way for youth to rise in the social, political and other fields of their preference without any hindrance.”

He stressed that the aim of this Charter was to give youth the leadership of the country’s journey towards sustainable development.

Premadasa stressed that a government under him will ensure rapid development and the responsibility of achieving this goal will be vested with the youth.

Parliamentarians Buddhika Pathirana, Harshana Rajakaruna, Kavinda Jayawardene were among the political leaders present on the occasion.

(Source: Daily News)