Yugadanavi deal can be scrapped through public uprising – JVP

K.D. Lalkantha

The JVP says the controversial Yugadanavi agreement can be abolished through a public uprising.

Speaking during an event in Kandy yesterday, JVP Politburo member KD Lalkantha said several trade unions have rallied together against the agreement, which is detrimental to the country.

He stressed the agreement must be scrapped adding the public will rally together in this regard.

Lalkantha said a campaign to protect state resources is also being carried out.

He claimed trade unions have the ability to impose a power cut even today, adding however they have been instructed not to do so as it will inconvenience the public.

Lalkantha urged the government to refrain from pushing the country towards such a situation.

He requested the government to respect the public mandate and scrap the deal, claiming however the present administration does not appear to be doing so, considering the corrupt actions of the government.

(Source: News Radio)