159 CEB Engineers left the country within two years

Ceylon Electricity Board - Sri Lanka

159 engineers who worked at the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) have gone abroad within a two-year period, Dhanushka Parakramasinghe, President of the Engineers Association of the CEB, announced today (March 15).

He further stated, 105 engineers have resigned from their positions, while another 54 have taken official leave before departing.

Parakramasinghe expressed concern that if experienced engineers, responsible for handling the most complex tasks in CEB, continue to leave their positions due to the country’s economic recession and high tax rates, the CEB will face a severe crisis.

He further explained that a significant portion of the engineers currently abroad on leave are seeking permanent residency in their respective countries of residence. Consequently, it is unlikely that they will return to their positions at the CEB.

Parakramasinghe highlighted the significant salary differences between working domestically and abroad, noting that new engineers abroad can expect a monthly salary of approximately $4,000, while experienced engineers may earn between $6,000 and $8,000 per month in certain countries.