Defeating secularist plot to usurp majority Hindu India and majority Buddhist Sri Lanka


– by Shenali Waduge –

Independence to colonies came at a cost with a legacy that bound nations in debt by spending on solving the problems the colonials implanted. People were divided. Populations were divided. Ethnicities were divided. Tribes were divided. Boundaries were created and endless issues associated with each. Muslims have issues, Christians have issues, but when Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka voice their issues it is referred to as communal. To be Hindu and to say one is Hindu is considered taboo just as Buddhists and Sinhalese are finding out too. Political correctness has meant politicians are to view issues from the lens of what benefits non-Hindus and non-Buddhists for that meets the criterion of the West’s policy of multiculturalism.

When Sri Lanka has been repeatedly warning India not to take the path that would eventually lead to Balkanize India, the warnings have not reached the people concerned. That is because the warnings are being deciphered by people who are helping that balkanization. We can name similar actors in Sri Lanka promoting the same notions. When media in India has been usurped and in the hands of the Church we can only express shock as to why such a great nation allowed such to happen. The great orators, the great thinkers/philosophers and politicians would not have expected Hindu India to fall this way. Was it not the Westerners that created the Aryan-Dravidian divide? Is it not established that North and South Indians both carry the same DNA differentiated only by the pigmentation as a result of weather.

In juxtaposing the situation currently faced in Sri Lanka and the growing bribery taking place by Tamil Nadu all we need is to put the dots together to see where the ultimate orders are coming from. We now realize that India is in a worse pickle than Sri Lanka and with so many intellectual Indian’s safely outsourced for foreign climes the West has deviously planned ways to evict the brains out of India. We can see similar ploys in Sri Lanka as well.

When India is now pointing fingers at the self-serving secular leaders and blaming them for not heeding the concerns of Hindus in their preoccupation with minority votes is this not what we are saying of Sri Lanka’s “self-serving secular leaders” and it is not difficult to name them.

With 1.2billion Indian population, 82% Hindus, 400,000 Hindu Temples but Subramaniam Swamy alleges that the Govt was “looting” the temples to support churches and mosques (ex: Andhra Pradesh state government to help build churches in Tirupati-Tirumal area, the seat of Hindu deity – Sri Venkateswara.

Subramanaiam Swamy also claims that the Indian Government is feeling shy to call India as a Hindu nation and reverberates the same sentiments about Sri Lanka’s Government. He even goes on to say that most Hindus today were passive to announce their Hindu identity in saying so he is also voicing what Sri Lanka’s Buddhists suffer from as well. Dr. Swamy goes on to speak about appeasement policy by some in the Government of India which resonates exactly what has ailed and continues to ail Sri Lanka. Dr. Swamy is calling for at least 40% of the 82% to rise in unity against the divides taking place in reference to a Bill being introduced by Sonia Gandhi that would automatically incriminate Hindus.

What is noteworthy is that Dr. Swamy called upon Indians in particular to become “Virat Hindus” – proud Hindus to save India because only Hindus could protect secularism and without Hindu’s there would be no secularism and that essentially is what we can say about Sri Lanka. People need to simply imagine how a country ruled by non-Hindus and non-Buddhists would be like!

If the Vatican can say it’s a Christian state (Roman Catholic) and no other religion is tolerated inside the Vatican, England is a secular state but the Angelical Church has official status and all nations with over 60% Muslims are not secular it is a bit strange that India is unable to call itself a Hindu state when it has 82% Hindus and Sri Lanka inspite of an Article 9 in its Constitution giving foremost place to Buddhism the political leaders cringe to say the country is Buddhist because they fear the world would come down on them.

Secularism cannot be defined in relation to a country alone. Though Christians may be in the minority in a country by virtue of its global reach and assistance given reaching out to all nations the “minority” status is not truly applicable. The same can be said of Islam as well and in particular to nations like Sri Lanka the effects of influence by global Christians and global Islamic lobbies. This brings Buddhists leaders and Buddhists into minority status and these lobbies have used effective ways to penetrate the decision makers. Both Christianity and Islam are global majorities making Hindus and Buddhists local minorities in their respective nations.

If there is a threat that Hinduism is likely to be extinct in India in 100 years time the same can be said of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

It is for these very reasons that India needs to seriously look at the manner India is being forced into submission by Tamil Nadu that is greatly influenced by outside forces and these are NOT associated primarily with Sri Lanka. These forces are devising a greater plan piggybacking on the hyped “eelaam” tag for it provides the local sauce needed to gain the emotional unrest.

Helping that is the media who are the agents of these external forces in both nations which is why the discriminations against Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka are quite obvious.

How many newspapers give unbiased coverage in either of the two nations? How quick are media to tag Hindus as “communal” in India and “Buddhists” as “extremists”, “militants” etc.

Most Sri Lankans are angered by India’s actions but in looking deeper we need to realize that non-Hindus helped by self-seeking Hindu secularists are steering India towards its downfall and that same situation is taking place before our very eyes in Sri Lanka.

It would be a good time for India’s Hindus to finally wake up and evaluate what has become of their Bharat nation and attempt to as Dr. Subramaniam Swamy advised to become “Virat Indians”. In Sri Lanka, of course the people have realized in time the forces at play and foresee the future.

India’s Hindus need to certainly wake up – it is not in India’s best interest to be separating India or Sri Lanka therefore it is a good time to stop diplomatic snobbery just to please the world and expect Sri Lankan populace to empathize with them.