Diesel consignment donated by China to reach Colombo tomorrow (26)

China Sri Lanka flags

The Government of China has donated 10.6 million litres (9,000 metric tonnes) of Diesel to Sri Lanka for farmers and fishermen in Sri Lanka.

The “Super Eastern” vessel carrying diesel is scheduled to arrive in the country from Singapore to the Port of Colombo tomorrow (November 26), the Embassy of China in Colombo said in a tweet.

The embassy earlier tweeted that China will donate 10.6 million litres of diesel to farmers and fishermen in remote areas of Sri Lanka, to upgrade livelihood in the most affected sectors of agriculture & fishery.

The shipments are scheduled between November and December, and will be distributed to the needed asap.

Reassuring support for Sri Lanka, the Chinese government has handed over 5,500 metric tons of rice and essential medicines worth LKR 3 billion over the past 5 months as emergency humanitarian donations to the island nation.