Fonseka’s accomplices involved in offering bribes

Source: Gov News – – Lankacnews

Two accomplices of opposition candidate, Sarath Fonseka today were reported to have offered Rs.30 million as a ‘bribe’ to National Freedom Front Parliamentarian, M.Muzaimil at room number 205 at Hotel Sapphire, Wellawatte, authoritative sources said.

The alleged bribe had been offered to the MP requesting his presence at one of Fonseka’s press briefings to say the Hicorp arms deal was a charge made up and fabricated by the government against Fonseka.

Sources said that of the Rs.30 million, Rs.10 million had been paid earlier and the recipient had been asked to come today for the balance.

The two accomplices have been identified as M. Mustapha and Nazeer Ahamed.

Sources claimed of video and audio proof of this transaction done at the Wellawate Hotel.