Gazette issued removing maximum retail price for eggs

White and brown eggs in a carton

The Gazette notification issued earlier this year stipulating a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for eggs was withdrawn at midnight on Tuesday (July 25), according to the Ministry of Trade.

The announcement comes following Trade Minister Nalin Fernando’s comments that the stock of eggs imported from India will be sold at Rs. 35 per egg at all Lanka Sathosa outlets and supermarkets from July 25, 2023.

According to the gazette issued under powers vested by Section 20(5) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 9 of 2003 (Amended), by CAA Chairman Shantha Niriella, MRP imposed on eggs on April 19, 2023 will no longer be applicable.

In April, a Gazette Extraordinary was published pertaining to the price of eggs.

According to the Gazette, Maximum Retail Price of white and brown eggs based on weight was declared.

Accordingly, a white egg required to be sold at a maximum price of Rs. 44 or a kilogram for no more than Rs. 880 while a brown egg was required to be sold at Rs. 46 or a kilogram for Rs. 920.

Despite the issuance of a gazette, a shortage of eggs prevailed in the country and the prices were also higher than the declared MRP.