GOSL Names and Bans LTTE Fronts: Tamil Youth Organization

No Tamil Eelam

India was the first to proscribe the LTTE in 1992. US came next in 1997. UK followed in 2001. EU did so in 2006. Thereafter, the International Community began on LTTE fronts. US proscribed the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization in 2008, the Tamil Foundation in 2009. Canada proscribed the World Tamil Movement in 2008, France banned the CCTF in 2009. EU has yet to list LTTE fronts and should seriously consider so now that the GOSL has named 16 LTTE fronts, named over 400 individuals as aiding and abetting terrorism and these include Tamils who are holding foreign passports and who are heading these organizations – Rudrakumaran US citizen of TGTE, Father Emmanuel – Global Tamil Forum, Nediyawan in Norway and Vinayagam. These are the brains or the front office heads of all the pro-LTTE diaspora organizations. The establishment of Youth Organizations across the world referring to themselves as Tamil Youth Organizations requires the countries where these TYOs are established to seriously address the type of ideology these youth are been indoctrinated with.

LTTE captured the Tamil Youth (students in universities & high schools to be trained for leadership roles internationally and locally) using 2 methods

  • In India & Sri Lanka – Student Organization of Liberation Tigers (SOLT)
  • Overseas – Tamil Youth Organization

TYO’s objectives are identical to the LTTE and other connected LTTE fronts.

  • ‘Tamil Eelam’ within the borders of Sri Lanka
  • “Self-determination”
  • Affirmation of the Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976
  • Repeating the same chorus of demands as the other proscribed LTTE fronts “demand for an independent, international mechanism to investigate the last phase of the conflict in Sri Lanka
  • ‘genocide’ of Tamils
  • ‘colonization’ of Tamil Nation

Features in TYO UK website:

  • Refers to itself as a non-profit established on 22 November 2004 (during the ceasefire)
  • TYO says its aim is to unite Tamil youth across UK and promote Tamil language, history, culture and identity as well as provide an understanding of political and humanitarian issues that affect our ‘homeland’.
  • TYO says its projects and events are aimed at helping the disadvantaged communities in UK and in Sri Lanka’s North and East.

EVIDENCE : Connections of CTC – TRO – NCCT – TYO – International Council of Eelam Tamils is established

  • Krisna Saravanamuttu plays a lead role in all 3 of the above
  • Krisna Saravanamuttu, spokesman for both ICET and NCCT
  • NCCT is the leading organization within the ICET
  • NCCT is the successor of the World Tamil Movement – banned by Canada.
  • NCCT chairperson Ranjan Sri Ranjan is co-chair of ICET. The other co-chair Steven Pushparajahis based in Norway.
  • ICET is controlled by Nediyavan and Irumporai.
  • ICETis composed of TYO NZ and
  1. National Council of Canadian Tamils
  2. Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils
  3. Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils
  4. Maison du Tamil Eelam, France
  5. Country Council of Eelam Tamils, Germany
  6. Italy Council of Eelam Tamils
  7. Dutch Tamil Forum
  8. Danish Tamils Forum
  9. Tamil Cultural Organisation – Belgium
  10. British Tamils Forum
  • Neethan Shan – leader of the NCCT and TYO-Canada (was Former Ontario New Democratic Party candidate for Scarborough Rouge River)
  • Ranjan Sri Ranjan was the former President of the Canadian Tamil Congress
  • Naaventhan Thambiyrajh coordinated Neethan Shan’s election campaign in 2012.
  • Raj Subramaniam – former director of NCCT
  • Shanthela Easwarakumar – worked with TRO Canada and the Canadian Tamil Congress. She is also a member of the LTTE and her LTTE handwritten membership form has been recovered and financially supporting LTTE has also been admitted.
  • Sriskantharajah Rajagopal – of TYO Norway is also head of LTTE’s TCC and head of LTTE’s Annai Poopathi Tamil School in Norway.
  • Tamil Eelam Football Association was established through TYOs’ Global Tamil Youth League (GTYL) in April 2012
  • In Norway, in January 2010, eight LTTE activists including five youth, were indicted for 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo.
  • In Germany, eight LTTE activists from front organizations including the TCC were arrested on three occasions in March and May 2010 and three of them have already been indicted
  • In the Netherlands, in April 2010, six LTTE activists from front organizations including the TCC, TRO and the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) were arrested.
  • Janani Jananayagam alias Jan Jananayagam of Tamils Against Genocide (TAG) participated in the TYO (Global Tamil Youth League) conference held 7-8 April, 2012 in the UK, and made a presentation on the “genocide of Tamils”.
  • April 2012 Global Tamil Youth League Resolution adopted by coalition member organizations : The resolution was adopted by Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance, Canada (CTYA); Tamil Youth Network, Germany;Giovani Tamil, Italy; Tamil Youth Organisation, Norway (TYO-Norway); Tamil Youth Organisation, Switzerland (TYO-Swiss) and Tamil Youth Organisation, UK (TYO-UK); and endorsed by Voice of Tamils, Australia; Tamil Youth Organisation, New Zealand (TYO-NZ), Tamil Youth Organisation, Sweden (TYO-Sweden) and  Tamil Youth Organization, USA (TYO-USA).
  • Jeyachandran Gopinath, alias Jeya Annai, LTTE propagandist-in-chief and Editor of the LTTE website ‘Tamilnet’, who also operates from Norway
  • Goldan Lambert (29 yrs), the Head of the Tamil Youth Organization arrested in June 21, 2007 along with A. C. Shanthan of the British Tamil Association by the UK police. Shanthan was LTTE branch chief and Lambert was Finance chief and together they were fundraising and procuring arms for the LTTE. The UK police also raided ‘Eelam House’ in Mitcham, Surrey that was officially opened by Bishop of Mannar Rayyappu Joseph as well as the TYO office in Colindale, London
  • Sathajhan Sarachandran alias Satha Sarachandran was TYO President (2003-5). He was president and national president of the Canadian Tamil Students Association. He was also a member of the Canadian Tamil Congress. He formed a terrorist cell with CTC’s Communications Director Sahilal Sabaratnam who is serving 25 years in a US prison

Gun man

Additionally, in 2012, 11 organizations joined to sign a declaration calling for a referendum on Tamil Eelam monitored by international observers. The declaration is evidence of the connections of these organizations to the LTTE and requires that they be held accountable for every crime the LTTE committed.

  1. British Tamil Forum – United Kingdom
  2. Danish Tamils Forum – Denmark
  3. Dutch Tamil Forum – Netherlands
  4. Eletto il Consiglio Nazionale dei Tamil – Italy
  5. Maison du Tamoul Eelam – France
  6. National Council of Canadian Tamils – Canada
  7. Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils – Norway
  8. Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils – Switzerland
  9. Tamil Cultural Organisation – Belgium
  10. Tamil Youth Organisation – New Zealand
  11. Volksrat der Eelam Tamilen Deutschland e.V. – Germany

About the TYO

  • LTTE front
  • Directly controlled by the Nediyawan-Irumporai Group from Norway by Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, a.k.a. Nediyavan, was the leader of the LTTE’s Tamil Eelam People’s Assembly (TEPA) since 2006 and the Tamil Coordinating Committee
  • TYO New Zealand is openly affiliated to and works with TCC New Zealand
  • TYO New Zealand is the only TYO with direct membership to Nediyavan’s International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET).
  • TYO operates in 15 countries : Canada, USA (operates as Tamil Youth Organization of USA, a.k.a. Tamil Youth Front USA), United Kingdom (operates as Tamil Youth Organisation of United Kingdom (TYO-UK), Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia (SL embassies in these countries need to continuously lobby for their closure citing the USSC 1373)
  • TYO disseminate propaganda, recruits Tamils, and raise funds and politically campaign against the Sri Lankan government

TYO Canada

  • There is no TCC in Canada, so TYO is controlled by the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT).
  • TYO members are Presidents of university Tamil Student Associations (TSAs)
  • Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) is a TYO cover organization
  • Student leaders of the university TSAs are also leaders in the TYO-Canada and the CTYA

Names of those holding portfolios in TYO Canada

  • Naaventhan Thambirajah – Head of TYO Canada / York University Tamil Students Association (YUTSA)
  • Krisna Saravanamuttu National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT)’s Media Spokesperson/ Advocacy and Research Director/ National Director as well as Spokesperson for the affiliated International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET). Works closely with TYO-Canada and performs a leadership/ mentorship role
  • Priyanth Nallaratnam – Spokesman / Ryerson University
  • Jessica Thyriar / President of the President of the York Federation of Students
  • Mithilen Mathipalan / University of York – met Prabakaran
  • Naaventhan Thambiyrajh – student leader TYO Canada
  • Raj Subramaniam a candidate for Markham Ward 5 Councillor (Ontario)
  • Shanthela Easwarakumar
  • Arrested Goldan Lambert former head of TYO UK organized LTTE activities including the Black July rally in Hyde Park London on 25 July 2006. The event displayed Tiger flags and a cut-out of the LTTE leader on the stage, the participants were given photographs of Prabhakaran.
  • Sathajhan Sarachandran alias Satha Sarachandran, the former President of TYO Canada (2003-5) was arrested in the US and sentenced to 26 years for procuring arms for the LTTE




Board Directors (present) 

  • Nambiar (Mr.)
  • Arulthas (Mr.)
  • Skanthatheva (Ms.)

Former Board Director

  • Sivachandran (Ms.) – 2013
  • Sanjeevan (Mr.) – 2013
  • Rajaselva (Mr.) – 2012
  • Skanthatheva (Mr.) – 2012
  • Rajamanoharan (Mr.) – 2011
  • Thiraviyarajah (Mr.) – 2011

Senior leaders of TYO UK –

  • (Dr.) Sivakami Rajamanoharan – 2011
  • Thamlvany Kumar, LTTE member projected as a civilian and used by Channel 4 against Sri Lanka

TYO – Norway (NRT)

  • Kamsayini Gunratnam, Representative
  • Sriskantharajah Rajagopal – Leader of LTTE’s TCC and head of LTTE’s Annai Poopathi Tamil School in Norway.
  • Aravinth Sriskantharajah (son of Sriskantharajah Rajagopal), attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy Oslo in 2009.
  • Godfrey Godvin Manoharan, a.k.a. Gandi, LTTE activist involved in the attack of the Sri Lankan diplomatic mission in Oslo in 2009

TYO Denmark / Tamil Youth Association (Thisaigal)


  • President: NiranjanKandiah
  • Chairman: Santhoshselvakumar
  • Secretary: Nithya Sivagnanam
  • Thulachi Thevalingam
  • PradaphManikarasa,
  • Sugunenthiran Markandu,
  • Santhuya Sritharan,
  • Ramjavakar,
  • Veena (Balakum)

TYO Netherlands / Holland

  • Tamil community is between 9000-13,000 people
  • Marcel Haenen, NRC Handelsblad claims that the Tamil people are held and kept in fear by the LTTE and its agents in Holland. The suspects also demanded war taxes for the Tamils in the Netherlands. But if they could not pay, their family in Sri Lanka was forbidden to visit and they could not travel to the island.
  • Public Prosecutors (OM) Ward Ferdinandusse and Maartje Nieuwenhuisargued about the fear in The Hague court in a trial against five Tamils living in the Netherlands who were arrested in 2010.
  • The chief suspect, 52-year-old Schagen resident Ramaschandran S. was the international accountant for the LTTE, said the prosecutors.
  • Prosecutor Ward Ferdinandusse said “shocking” that Tamil children in the Netherlands “from their youngest years are brainwashed with the violent ideology of the LTTE.” In the Netherlands, the Tigers have 20 classrooms where children are bombarded during the weekend with propaganda. They make pictures of bombs and grenades. “They are told from childhood that their future lies not in the Netherlands, but in an independent Tamil state and that suicide bombers are heroes.”
  • The Dutch prosecutors also said that LTTE runs Tamil Youth Organization and the Dutch Tamil Arts and Culture Organisation, which seek municipal subsidies.
  • The prosecutors found that that the municipality of Zeist financed a sporting day for the Tamils with 2,000 euros. The money ended up going to the LTTE.
  • Ramachandran, who has lived in the Netherlands since 1985


TYO France / l ‘Organisation des Jeunes Tamouls de France (France-OJT), a.k.a. Young Tamils France

  • Parithi, the LTTE Leader for France is one of the 14 Tigers arrested by the French Police.
  • In 2007, inspite of French authorities denying permission pro-LTTE agents headed by the Tamil Youth Organization France had arranged 2000 Tamils at the Eiffel Tower. French counterterrorism police simultaneously raided four Tamil community organisationand arrested 19 individuals on accusations of extorting funds which were sent to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.
  • French police raided – Tamil Coordinating Committee / Hindu Amman Temple, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation, TTN Television station.

TYO Germany / Tamil Youth Network Germany

  • Its website carries a photo of Thileepan (LTTE member who died after going on hunger strike in 1987


TYO Belgium / Tamil Youth Organisation of Belgium

TYO Sweden

  • Has joined other TYO branches the world over to sign declarations and take part as LTTE agents

TYO Switzerland / TYO Swiss

  • https://www.facebook.com/SwissTYO/posts/516118821822369 Its facebook account commemorates the anniversary of Ponnuthurai Sivakumaran Anna (Urumpirai Sivakumaran) was the first LTTE Tamil student to bite a cyanide capsule and commit suicide 5th June 1974


Left: Selvarasa Vaikunthan (head of TYO Berne, Swiss)
Right: Chelliah Kulasekerasingham (kulam)

  • Selvarasa Vaikunthan (head of TYO), Sivashanmugathas Saseekaran (TYO), Arulnanthan Kumar (LTTE money collector), Kanapathipillai Knojan (TYO Luzern) waylaid Ranjan of PLOTE and supporters in May 2007 who were seriously injured and hospitalized. Vaikunthan and Kulam were arrested bail has been denied,
  • In Switzerland, January 2011, 10 LTTE activists including from the TYO were arrested.

TYO Australia

  • TYO Australia makes reference to Eelam Tamil Youth.
  • TYO Australia makes reference to Tamil Eelam (a quest of the LTTE)
  • TYO Australia makes reference to ‘Genocide’ (a regular feature of all Tamil Diaspora organizations now banned)
  • Aruran Vignanamoorthy and S. Yathavan, the head of the LTTE paper Eelamurasu were arrested in early 2007 and also refused bail

TYO Italy / Giovani Tamil

  • in Italy arrest warrants issued in June 2008 on some 30 LTTE activists
  • 2012 The Italian Tamil youth organisation, Giovani Tamil and the Italian Council of Eelam Tamils held a conference entitled “Tamil, the identity denied”, with human rights organisation, academics and politicians in attendance http://www.tamilnewsnetwork.com/2012/08/02/italian-academics-activists-political-groups-endorse-tsc-declaration/
  • TYO Giovani Tamil speakers were : Stephano Edward, Thanushan Guhathasan and Braveen Nagendram. Mr. Edward also briefed the audience about the history of the genocide of the Eezham Tamils in unitary Sri Lanka.
  • Sebastiampillai Dunstan Rajakumar from the Italian Council of Eelam Tamils presented the Tamil Sovereignty Cognition declaration
  • Giuseppe Burgio spoke about the armed struggle, the de-facto state built by the LTTE and the support they had among the Tamil people.
  • Fulvio Vasallo argued that the ban on the LTTE became a ban on the demand for Tamil Eelam.
  • Professor Clelila Bartoli analysed the genocide on the Tamil nation
  • Clelia Bartoli who specializes in Human Rights alleged that what happened to the Eezham Tamils was an intended genocide
  • Stephano Edward, Giovani Tamil Coordinator for Sicily detailed what activities Tamil organisations in Italy have been engaging in.
  • Italian anthropologist Fabio Pettirino provided the conceptual basis for the title of the conference. He gave suggestions on how the Tamil diaspora can take their case to the establishments
  • Sergio Cipolla of the CISS, a development NGO and Prof Provenza of Amnesty International, on how the UN failed in their responsibility in preventing the genocide.
  • Provenza of Amnesty International (the Canadian arm accepted Canadian $50,000 from banned Canadian Tamil Congress) argued for an independent international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka.
  • Barbara Evola, the Palermo minister in charge for education, said that she would do her best to push for action corresponding to the situation.

TYO New Zealand (TYO-NZ)

  • The National Council of New Zealand Tamils
  • Nirupa G Media Liaison, Tamil Youth Organization New Zealand issued a statement in 2008 against the use of cluster bombs by the Sri Lankan Air Force.

EUGENE BINGHAM – Weekend Herald investigation revealed that

  • a 29year old LTTE intelligence officer and tax collector obtaining a student visa and fleeing to New Zealand. He had admitted to New Zealand immigration of his knowledge of Sri Lanka’s Central Bank bombing in January 1996
  • Bingham suggests that the NZ Government should consider classifying LTTE as a terrorist organization
  • Bingham also reveals NZ connections to LTTE’s shipping network, people smuggling
  • Fund raising in New Zealand through LTTE fronts from the 5000 Tamil community
  • President of the NZ Tamil Society is George Arulananthamn who migrated in 2008 with his family.
  • The leaflets distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand by these Tamil groups are calling for contributions for the ‘war effort’ – if funds are not meant to the GOSL obviously it is to the LTTE! These contributions were collected by TRO and TCC representatives.
  • Arulananathan’s excuse is “ We are morally supporting the LTTE but we are not collecting money for any arms struggle’.

TYO Malaysia / TYO Mas

  • Malaysian Tamil youth march for Tamil Eelam – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuwe8MqwSec

TYO Australia / TYO Aus

  • 22nd November 2004
  • The son of A C Shanthan Head of TYO UK arrested in 2007 is also a member of TYO Aus

56 Tamil organisations from across 10 countries issued a joint New Year message calling for an international investigation against Sri Lanka for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide of Tamils (Jan 1, 2014)

  1. Academy of Tamil Studies, Malaysia
    2. Association For Community and Dialogue, Malaysia
    3. Australian Tamil Congress, Australia
    4. British Tamil Conservatives, UK
    5. Center for War Victims & Human Rights, Canada
    6. Communist Party of India, Tamil Nadu Secretariat, India
    7. Council of Temples, Malaysia
    8. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, Tamil Nadu, India
    9. Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, Tamil Nadu, India
    10. Eastern Cape Tamil Federation, South Africa
    11. Eluthenhi Arakkaddallai, Tamil Nadu, India
    12. Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America, USA
    13. Group of Concerned Citizens, Malaysia
    14. Hindu Defence Brigade, Malaysia
    15. Ilankai Tamil Sangam, USA
    16. Islamic Youth Movement Against Genocide, Tamil Nadu, India
    17. Kistnen Mestree Tamil Benevolent Society, Mauritius
    18. Malaysian Indian Youth Council, Malaysia
    19. Malaysian Tamil Forum, Malaysia
    20. Naam Thamilar, Tamil Nadu, India
    21. New Zealand Tamil Society, New Zealand
    22. Pattali Makkal Katchi, Tamil Nadu, India
    23. People for Equality and Relief in Lanka, USA
    24. Save Tamils Movement, Tamil Nadu, India
    25. Southside FM Radio, South Africa
    26. Student Front For the Freedom of Tamil Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
    27. Students Federation For Free Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
    28. Students Federations Of TamilNadu, Tamil Nadu, India
    29. Students Movement For Change, Tamil Nadu, India
    30. Students Struggle For Tamil Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
    31. Swedish Tamils Forum, Sweden
    32. Tamil Federation of Gauteng, South Africa
    33. Tamil Federation of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
    34. Tamil League, Mauritius
    35. TamilNadu Makkal Katchi, Tamil Nadu, India
    36. Tamil National Liberation Movement, Tamil Nadu, India
    37. Tamil Renaissance Front, Malaysia
    38. Tamils Against Genocide UK, USA
    39. Tamils Cultural Center, Tamil Nadu, India
    40. Tamils For Labour, UK
    41. Tamil Students Initiative, UK
    42. Tamil Youth Front, USA
    43. Tamil Youth Organisation, UK
    44. Tamil Youth and Students Federation, Tamil Nadu, India
    45. Thamil Creative Writers Association, Canada
    46. Thamil Ellhuchip Peravai, Tamil Nadu, India
    47. Thamizhar Munnetrak Kazhagam, Tamil Nadu, India
    48. The Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation, Mauritius
    49. The Movement Against Tamil Genocide, Mauritius
    50. The South African Tamil Federation, South Africa
    51. The Union Tamoul, Mauritius
    52. Secretariat, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
    53. United States Tamil Political Action Council, USA
    54. Western Cape Tamil Federation, South Africa
    55. World Tamil Confederation, Tamil Nadu, India
    56. World Thamil Organization, USA

It is a good time for foreign nations to begin reviewing all LTTE fronts named by the GOSL under UNSC 1373. While none of the foreign nations are against Sri Lanka or its people, how wrong is it for passport holding Tamils of these nations to raise funds for separatism and a bogus Tamil Eelam when there is nothing as such historically or even a remote possibility.

– by Shenali D Waduge