How can Buddhists and Hindus defend the Christian & Islam goal to dominate the world?


When the goal of both Christianity & Islam in partnership with its denominations desire to rule and dominate the world and use the modus operandi of conquests, commerce, conversions using billions in funding dispersed through heritage Christian and Muslim dominated nations and via faith-based funding championed through NGOs what defences are available to Buddhists and Hindu who do not have a goal to dominate the world or to convert, procreate or even funds to counter these incursions? The defence for Hindus & Buddhist becomes precarious when State apparatus of majority Buddhist and Hindu nations fall prey to politics of vote bribery and campaign funding thus placing at risk the future of these nations and opening doors to the ancient heritage of these nations being eventually obliterated with time. The likely scenarios are nothing that do not have past examples as lessons and beckons leaders of these Buddhist/Hindu heritage nations not to be party to ruining the Dharmic heritage, ethnicity and culture.

World Christian/Muslim – Hindu/Buddhist Population

Numerically there are 2.2billion Christians comprising 32% of the world’s population. Muslims account for 1.6billion comprising 23% of the world’s population, Hindus comprise 1billion making up 15% of the world’s population while Buddhists account for 500million making up just 7% of the world’s population.

Christian population in 1990 = 600million / 2010 = 2billion

 Continent Christian % in 1990 Christian % in 2010
sub-Saharan Africa 9% – 9 million 63% – 16 million
Asia-Pacific region 2.7% – 28 million 7% – 285 million
Middle-East-North Africa 9.5% 3.8%
Americas 95.9% 86%
Europe 95% 76.2%
Global North – North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and New Zealand) 502,900,000 (82.2%) 856,360,000 (39.2%)
Global South 108,910,000 (18%) 1,327,700,000 (61%)

Family Tree of the Church –

The Muslim population is projected to be 2.2billion by 2030 making 26.4% of the world population. The increase in Muslim population is commensurate to several factors: Muslims being allowed multiple wives, no birth control and the encouragement to procreate and increase Muslim children. Currently 62% of Muslims live in Asia-Pacific, 20% Muslims live in Middle East, 15% live in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2.7% in Europe,  0.3% in Americas.

Both Catholics and Islam prohibit all forms of abortion and contraception’s which invariably encourages more births in a bid to add to numbers as part of a global goal.

Faith-based Foreign Aid

This type of aid is given for religiously motivated activities by governments and organizations. Western religious groups financed early explorers, colonists and conquerors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the conquerors today take the form of NGOs and charity organizations armed with the same mission using different tools and modus operandi. Is it wrong to view Christian development aid as a means to seek conversions which invariably leads to threatening indigenous beliefs and cultural practices? It happened during religious backed colonial rule  and current issues of complaint related to the imbalance in aid a third world government can give to non-Christian and non-Islamic countries against what faith-based aid forms the basis of fear that a mass wave of conversions would lead to the country losing its indigenous identity.

Faith-based political aid has led to the fear of ‘exporting-faith’ with US Government funding more than 50,000 faith-based entities through USAID an allocation of $1.7billion (Boston Globe special report/2006).

How can non-Christian and non-Islamic religions like Hinduism and Buddhism counter billions that come from foreign governments that fund Christian/Islamic faith-based organizations as well as charities/NGOs, foreign nationals that donate to these charities/NGOs plus the native Christian & Islamic support through part income given to Church by Christians and Zakat given by Muslims? The money placed by Hindus and Buddhists to the temple/kovil kittys can hardly meet the billion challenge.

The situation is worsened when India despite majority populace being Hindu says India is a secular country and Sri Lanka while being a majority Buddhist nation, its leaders too are reluctant to refer to Sri Lanka’s Buddhist heritage officially but makes political reference only for votes. This is what has raised fear of politicians compromising the country’s heritage and culture for aid. Countries are willing to give aid and doing so via charities that are inclined to have the mission of converting natives enter with aid for the country but it also enables them to get a return on investment by reaching out to masses.

The example of aid changing the cultural fabric of an entire nation is given in the example of East Timor. A country that was 72% animist during the 1970s is today under the Roman Catholic church and has virtually all but converted to Catholicism for the aid given.

In 2004, US citizens had donated $88.3billion to faith-based organizations whose mission was to spread the faith and convert and little to do with development as proved by a UNDP study in 1996 that the economies of 70 developing countries receiving assistance had worsened since 1980.

Abrahamic religions ‘digesting’ Dharmic religions

Rajiv Malhotra speaks of Abrahamic religions digesting non-Abrahamic religions. He cites what Christianity did to native Americans (Red Indians). This factor was explained further by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy who showed how 100% Zoroastrian Iran became 100% Islam in 15 years, how Egypt became 100% Islam in 21years, how Christianity converted Europe to 100% Christians in 50years.

The mission succeeded and this is linked to the billions that are being dispersed currently with that same objective.

More than $1590million ($1.5billion) had been sent to India during 2009-2010 from USA and Europe to NGOs in India to Missionaries and Church organizations. Top of these recipients were Gospel for Asia Inc (USA), Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, (Spain), Compassion International and World Vision, USA. All 4 were Evangelical organizations.

Has the monies disbursed for conversion purposes made a significant change. This question is answered via UN statistics:

Islam in North America since 1989 increased 25%

Islam in Africa since 1989 increased 2.15%

Islam in Asia since 1989 increased 12.57%

Islam in Europe since 1989 increased 142.35%

Islam in Latin America since 1989 decreased -4.73%

and Islam in Australia and Oceania / Pacific since 1989 increased 257.01%

Major Religions of the World

Christian – 2,038,905,000 – 32% (dropping) on account of vast numbers of Europeans/Americans being disillusioned with how their faith is functioning forcing the Church to focus on Asia/Africa/Latin America to balance numbers.

Roman Catholics – 1,076,951,000

Protestants – 349,792,000

Orthodox – 217,522,000

Anglicans – 81,663,000

Other – 537,135,000

Muslims – 1,226,403,000 – 21% (growing)

Hindus – 828,130,000 – 13% (stable)

Chinese folk religionists – 389,543,000 – 6%

Buddhists – 364,014,000 – 6% (stable)

Sikhs – 23,821,000 – < 1%

Jews – 14,535,000 – < 1%

 Note: 20% of Americans are Agnostics or Atheists and non-believers. Globally their numbers stand at 850million and rising.

Growing Christianity

Did you know that of the top 20 growing Christianity  nations, 11 are Muslim majority countries – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Mali, Brunei, Guinea, Kuwait. Thus Christianity has been targeted to spread across Eastern Asia, Western Africa, Arabian Peninsula.

The majority Buddhist countries being targeted are : Bhutan, Cambodia, Mongolia

More surprising is the Annual Average Christian conversion rate in Saudi Arabia is 5.69%, Oman 4.57%

Some shocking facts from India and the conversion threat (relevant to Sri Lanka):

  • In Ongole, 15018 converted to Christianity in a single day
  • In 1998 Seventh Day Adventist Church reported 225,000 members. In 2005, that number reached 825,000 “most of the people in the villages are from a Hindu background, so it was gratifying to see so many people accepting Jesus” (Stenbakken – Seventh Day Adventist),
  • Reverend Pat Robertson in October 2005 said their goal was 100million Hindu converts – worldwide goal was 1billion
  • Tamil Nadu Christian population is now 28%
  • Politics of religion is such that 15% Christian plus 25% Muslim is needed for a political party to come into power by dividing the Hindu vote (this metric is obviously being applied in Sri Lanka as well)
  • History’s lessons still unlearnt – 4 Indian states with over 75% Christian population as a result of aggressive conversion that were majority Hind states in 1948 now want to separate from India. Hindu leaders don’t take, Sri Lanka’s Buddhist leaders don’t care either. Outcome is seen in the calls for separatism in both India and Sri Lanka.
  • Hindu heritage sites at risk – In Tirupati (Andra Government) under a Christian Chief Minister is attempting to take over the Sacred Temple Hills (that even the Muslims during its 800 rule and British during 200 did not touch) – Alert Hindus stopped the initiative through the Tirupati Declaration. Yet, thousands of acres of Temple lands are being sold, in 2006 a 1000 pillar mandapam was demolished. Tirupati funds diverted for mosque renovations and churches  6.5crores for mosques, 1.5crores for churches. How many Temple sites in Sri Lanka face the same fate of incursions?
  • Indian State Government own most of the Hindu temples though mosques and churches have their own autonomy. The State ends up looting from the temples.
  • While Seventh Day Adventists are planned to erect 10,000 Churches in one year, in 5 years 50,000 temples had to close down for want of funds.
  • In 1989, globally churches spent $145billion, had 4million workers, ran 13,000 libraries, published 22,000 periodicals, operated 1890 radios and tv stations with 25,000 missionaries with 400 institutes to train them. (Christian aggression website)
  • Indian media is also under control and influence of the Church – NDTV funded by Gospels of Charity, Spain, CNN-IBN – 100% Southern Baptist Church, Times of India Group – owned by Bennet and Coleman, 80% funds from World Christian Council, 10% shares owned by relation of Sonia G, STAR TV – supported by St. Peter’s Pontificial Church, Australia, Hindustan Times – collaborates with Times Group, Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle – owned by Saudi Arabian company
  • TV being used to suppress Hindu sentiment and dilute Hindu faith – a key step to make Hindus disillusioned with their religion (just as it is happening in Sri Lanka)
  • Conversions of key Hindu actors/actresses as they bring a big following.
  • With funds available it has been easy to buy out politicians/their spouses and relations holding public office and thus influence decision making, These politicians then undertake to lay the foundations for the conversions in their home towns.
  • Hindu priests working towards the upliftment of Hindus are quickly framed charges and media helps character assassinate them
  • Projects are even afloat to convert temple building masons and architects so that future temples or even renovations cannot be done (this shows the extent of thinking gone into slowly destroying Hinduism in India and the same can be said of Sri Lanka)
  • Another tactic being used via media is to defame and ridicule Hindu gods, Hindu leaders and even scriptures – they are referred to as homosexual, perverts, having improper relationships etc)
  • Another tactic is to adorn Hindu attire and perform Hindu rituals so that innocent Hindus link Hinduism and Christianity as not being any different. ex: prayer hall in Kerala has meditating Jesus in padmasana posture.
  • Even Hindu arts has not gone untouched with Vatican given a Bharata Natyam performance of Jesus’s birth.
  • Making use of poverty issues – during times of drought Church provides access to well and calls it Jesus’Well and during other disasters items are given with the understanding that the recipients would convert
  • The converts are told to show their faith by drawing more converts and even encouraged to destroy temples – (Arun Shourie)
  • There is also attempts by missionaries to demand constitutional changes to give converts the same status as Scheduled and Backward Caste Hindus because converts retain their Hindu names and identities so as not to lose their reservation status.
  • Joshua Project is funded by US Govt as a rising Christian India merits America’s geopolitical agenda.
  • Article by Senior French journalist Francois Gautier says that 4 out of 7 states in North East India are under absolute control of the Church and most of the terrorist outfits including Maoists have connections with Evangelical groups. Funds sent to faith-based organizations are used for conversions and camaflaging.
  • David Frawley on Pope’s visit to India “Make no mistake about it. The Pope is not a friend of the Hindus. His visit is organized to promote his evangelization activities, his targeting of Hindu India for Christian conversion. The Pope wants to convert Hindu India into Christianity. He would be happy if all Hindu Temples were abandoned in favor of churches. He would be happy if all the samis, sadhus and yogis either became Christian priests or disappeared altogether. He has no praise for a Ramana Maharashi, a Sri Aurobindo, a Ramakrishna or a Shankaracharya. He does not honor the Vedas and the Gita like the Bible. He does not allow poojas to the Gods, or the chanting of Om in churches. He (Pope) has nowhere apologized for the use of the Inquisition in India or elsewhere. He has nowhere said that Hindus wont go to hell. He may claim to honor India’s spiritual traditions but not to the extent that it requires him giving up his efforts to convert Hindus’.
  • During the Inquisition punishment for not converting was to cut of male genitals and female breasts
  • The Islam factor is worsened by Saudi building mosques and creating fundamentalist groups all over India through their madrassas.
  • Christian influence via present Congress leader, her links to Church, promotion via media and appeasement to Muslims is eating into Hindu numbers.
  • Hindus have identified 4 areas of concern – Missionaries, Muslim fundamentalists, the Congress Party and the Communist Party as being the architects that would bring about the downfall of the Hindu identity of India, we only need to replay a few the political party name for Sri Lanka.
  • In Tamil Nadu (Thondi and Rasathipuram) municipalities were secured by Muslims. Both municipalities are sending notices in Urdu. Hindus were told to convert to Islam if they wanted civic facilities.
  • It is predicted that 75% if Hindus in Malaysia are likely to convert to Islam while 100 year temples are being systematically destroyed
  • The more alert Hindus are realizing they need to gear into action given that politicians are ignoring their pleas. Their appeal is to remind politicians of the Hindu vote and encourage Hindu voters to vote for only politicians that would preserve the Hindu Dharma. Hindus are calling for louder protests against biased media and encouraging Hindu children to take up media and communications, Hindus are appealing to the 2million Hindu Americans to adopt one of the 5lakh villages in India. Hindus are calling for a larger group identity with a kshatriya spirit, Hindus are called upon to take part in activities that help the Hindu Dharma, to use high tech tools, blogs and other social media sites. This should be the same call by Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

Christianity has $170billion / Islam has $87billion to promote their faith

In terms of money spent to promote the faith. The Vatican has at its disposal $170billion. Not many know how rich the church is. Jeffrey Sachs estimates that to end global poverty $175billion is needed and to end hunger $70billion is all that is needed. Using the power of money, deception and lies to increase the numbers of the Church do these methods not go against the very teachings of Jesus Christ? There is an imbalance in the original teachings and what is being propagated through Church leaders.

The Saudi’s allocate $87billion to spread the Wahhabi Islam through mosques and madrassas. Again, is this true Islam or a means to forcibly keep Muslims together.

Against Vatican’s $170billion and Wahhabi $87billion what can Hindus and Buddhists do to defend their religion, culture and values? The threat is worsened when politicians prefer to play politics with a country’s heritage, its civilizational identity and compromise these sacred virtues for aid and votes thus contributing to the plight and issues that concerned Hindus and Buddhists are currently raising.

Both Hindus and Buddhists need to learn and master the art of PR and the smoothness of Christians as well as the organized voting bloc philosophy of the Muslims to counter the current status quo.

In the words of Desmond Tutu himself “when missionaries came we had the land, they had the Bible. We closed our eyes for prayer and opened them, only to find they had the land and we had the Bible”. Both objectives were secured by the missionaries. That colonial goal continues through neocolonialism. These are facts that cannot be simply brushed aside accusing those raising them as being racist. There is a formidable threat to entire civilization, to entire cultures, entire ethnic race, language, values and entire religions. Politicians have no right to be doling these out for votes.

For both Hindus and Buddhists these words have rich meaning

“Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshathiha”

(Protect Dharma and it will Protect You)

Shenali D Waduge