Jeena madam released on bail

The main suspect known as Jeena madam who had allegedly managed a brothel at a shopping mall at Kollupitiya was released on bail by the Colombo Fort Magistrate yesterday. Although the main suspect Rosemary Felicia Perera allies Jeena was released on bail she was still in remand custody for another case being heard at Colombo High Court relating to human trafficking and Offences of Procreation.

Releasing the suspect on bail, Magistrate Ms. Lanka Jayaratne observed that the suspect could be enlarged on bail by taking into consider the period of remand custody. The Magistrate further observed that the prosecution was unable to file facts regarding the negative consequences, if the suspect was enlarged on bail.

Accordingly, the suspect was released on a cash bail of Rs.50, 000 and Rs.500, 000 of two sureties. The Magistrate maintained that two sureties should be close relatives of the suspect and further maintained that the suspect’s two sons would not be qualified for the sureties as they had been questioned by the police regarding this case.

In another bail condition, the suspect was ordered to appear before Walana Police anti-vice squad every Sunday. Releasing the suspect on bail, the Magistrate warned that the bail could be cancelled if the suspect commits another offence. Filing a bail application on behalf of the main suspect, senior Defence Counsel Jayantha Weerasinghe PC and Senior Counsel Kalinga Indatissa alleged that the police raid was not conducted in a proper manner. Further magisterial inquiry into the matter postponed for April 27.

Source: DM Online