JVP accuses govt of using quarantine laws to its advantage

Anura Kumara - JVP

The government was using quarantine laws for its advantage, JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake charged yesterday.

Addressing the media, at the party headquarters in Pelawatte, Dissanayake said the government had got exposed for its double standards in implementing quarantine laws. “The first occasion was at the funeral of CWC leader Arumugam Thondaman. Thousands attended the funeral. But people are prevented from holding peaceful demonstrations. Everybody witnessed the brutal manner a protest was suppressed on Tuesday.”

Dissanayake said that some ministers had organised mega musical shows. They asked people to use the tickets for those shows as curfew passes. Thousands could get together for such functions which had political backing of the government. How could such a government talk of quarantine laws? It used quarantine laws to suppress their political opponents.

It did nothing against the US official who had violated quarantine laws at the airport. The protests and demonstrations held by government supporters were allowed to proceed.

(Source: The Island – By Saman Indrajith)