JVP candidate injured during clash with UPFA candidate

Shadow fight

A dispute between two election candidates representing two different political parties over pasting of posters had ended in a brawl yesterday, where the supporters of one candidate had ended up assaulting the other. According to the police, the dispute had ensued when UPFA candidate Renuka Perera had pasted his posters covering a banner of JVP candidate, Sujith Samarawickrema, displayed at the latter’s election office at Dholekade Junction in Magamana, Kahatuduwa.

An intense argument had started over the issue between the two parties when the JVP candidate had started removing the posters of the UPFA candidate to make his poster more visible. Police said, the UPFA candidate had arrived there in a cab with several other individuals and had assaulted the JVP candidate and fled the area.

Kahatuduwa Police are conducting further investigations. (Ceylon Today)