Police sergeant and constable arrested for taking bribe

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A police sergeant and a police constable from Ittapana police station, who allegedly took a bribe of Rs. 10,000, have been arrested by officials from the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC).

It is reported that they were apprehended during a raid based on a complaint from an individual in the Yagirala area.

According to reports, the bribe was demanded in exchange for returning the driver’s license, which had been confiscated in connection with a traffic violation case involving the complainant, and to avoid further investigation into the legality of the license, as well as to prevent legal action

CIABOC stated that the sergeant and constable from Ittapana police station were arrested for accepting the bribe and facilitating the transaction.

The arrested suspects are scheduled to appear in court today (February 27).