Third vaccine dose will be provided if needed

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena

Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation Dr. Prasanna Gunasena says a third vaccine dose against the coronavirus will be provided if the need arises.

Dr. Gunasena said the best option against any virus variant in the world is vaccinations, adding that all vaccines administered in Sri Lanka provide 95-96% protection.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Government Information Department Dr. Gunasena said complete immunity is developed two weeks after receiving the second vaccine dose.

Dr. Gunasena said 96% of individuals above the age of 30 have been administered the first dose of the vaccine with 25% fully vaccinated, adding the second dose will be administered to all who received the first dose within the month of August.

The Chairman of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation added the World Health Organization has not stated at present if a third dose should be prescribed to the world community at a time that the second vaccine is yet to be administered to most.

Specialist Dr. Gunasena claimed steps will be taken to obtain 18 million Pfizer vaccine doses by December.

He said the vaccination for those under 30 years of age will begin by mid-August.

It was revealed during the media briefing that the Delta virus variant spreads a hundred times faster than the initial coronavirus strains.

(Source: News Radio)