Month: November 2012

Speaker deems court notices irrelevant

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa yesterday declared in Parliament that notices served on him and members of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing the charges mentioned in the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake were a nullity and entailed no legal…

It is the conduct of lawyers and judges that upholds the Integrity of the Judiciary

By Shenali Waduge An institute to be held in esteem must function and follow the principles of ethics and the fundamentals of integrity of their profession. Members of the Judiciary, the Legislature or even the Executive to be regarded as icons of integrity must function with integrity, ethics and high moral standards. When they do…

Response to Fr. Emmanuel’s love for “Sinhalese Buddhists”!

By Shenali Waduge Interview with Fr. Emmanuel by Sri Lankan Guardian/Nov 2012 The man who rechristened Prabakaran “anna” as “Jesus Christ”, the LTTE as “soldiers of Christ” and LTTE suicide bombers as “martyrs” is none other than President of the Global Tamil Forum – Father S J Emmanuel now self-exiled in Germany and not the…

I’ll put an end to killings at Kahawatte: SSP

Ratnapura District Senior Superintendent Vass Gunawardena assured the residents of Kotakethana that he would take steps to stop the killings and the panic and terrorthat are spreading in the area. For a start, he said he would reside at Kotakethana and rebuild the people’s confidence in security, law and order. Since 2008 some 15 women…

Petition against PSC is a violation of parliamentary privileges

The petitions against the Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to probe the impeachment charges against the Chief Justice is in violation of the parliamentary privileges of the MPs, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva told the Parliament Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa today (November 29)….

Aussies fingerprint Mahela, Sanga et al Tough visa regulations hurt SL cricketers

The new visa regulations introduced by the Australian High Commission in Colombo have inconvenienced Sri Lankan cricketers scheduled to leave for Australia on Dec. 02 for an eight-week-long tour consisting of three Tests, five ODIs and two T-20s….

Joint and several investigations on Kachcheri Fire

The Government Analyst Department has launched investigations into the fire that erupted at the Colombo Kachcheri on Monday night. Colombo District Secretary Mr. Kamal Padmasiri said all information and the keys of the building have been handed over to the Government Analyst….

Train accident kills six

At least six persons, including two children were killed when a three-wheeler collided with the ‘Yal Devi’ train at the railway crossing at Getawa, Ambanpola around 9.30 this morning, police said….

SF’s media man taken by CID

Sanjeewa Samarasinghe, media co-ordinator of the former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka had been taken in for questioning by the CID yesterday….

Private bus strike in WP

Private Bus Operators Association said that private buses in the Western Province mainly on the High Level road and some 50 more sub routes have launched a strike over issuing route permits….

SupremeSAT satellite launched

The communication satellite, a joint venture of SupremeSAT(Pvt) Ltd and China’s state owned CGWIC was launched from XI-Chang Space Centre China, a short while ago….

The Prime Minister returns

Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne who was in the United States for treatment arrived in the country Tuesday morning….

Fire at Colombo Kachcheri

A fire has broken out at the Colombo Divisional Secretariat (Kachcheri) building at Dam Street a short while ago, the Colombo Fire Brigade said. Several fire brigades have been sent to the scene, it said….

Civilian Casualties – International Laws and Sri Lanka Bashing

U.S. Army in Afghanistan By Shenali Waduge How many wonder as to the practicality of ONLY soldiers going through all the rules and regulations in an intense battleground situation when the terrorist enemy are not signatory to any international humanitarian laws and possesses the means to retaliate with brutality? When the enemy thrives and survives on…

No chance of work, Sri Lankan boat people told

WOULD-BE asylum seekers from Sri Lanka are being told there is no prospect of them working in Australia while their claims are assessed, and that they will be forced to survive on ”minimal subsistence” from the government. A public relations blitz by Australian officials is trying to dissuade Sri Lankans, tempted by people smuggler’s promises…

Sri Lanka’s first mobile phone directory gets off the ground

Sri Lanka’s one and only mobile phone directory has got off the ground providing access for Android phone users to a comprehensive list of business addresses, telephone numbers and other contact information, officials of the SLT Rainbow Pages said….