Month: October 2014

Opposition lays the blame on government

The government could make excuses but it should accept the responsibility for its failure to save the lives of people who perished in the Koslanda disaster, Chief Opposition Whip John Amaratunga said in Parliament yesterday….

The UN Investigative Panel must probe TNA – LTTE links

The UN investigative panel was mandated to conduct investigation during the period of the LLRC. That was between 2002 and 2009. The UNHRC has given itself an additional two years. With the LTTE designated as a foreign terrorist organization and following Sri Lanka proscribing 16 LTTE fronts and declaring 424 individuals incorporating the UNSC Resolution…

Caught Red-handed: UNHRC blank war crimes forms in the hands of TNA-LTTE

An UN investigation on Sri Lanka has been launched. The world was told that the UN investigation would be a transparent and fair investigation. The modus operandi behind blank UNHRC war crimes forms given by TNA to LTTE cadres to obtain signatures does not exactly fit into the criterion of transparent or fair investigation. The…

President arrives in Koslanda

President Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived in Koslanda, Haldemulla a short while ago to inspect the landslide-affected areas….

India Offers Help to Sri Lanka to Help Landslide Victims

New Delhi: India today offered assistance to Sri Lanka to help hundreds of people affected by the landslide in Uva province of that country….

Sri Lanka must demand : Investigate the Investigation (UNHRC /UN and its Resolutions must be probed)

With just days for the UNHRC Panel to conclude accepting submissions it has emerged that the UNHRC has been cheating the system by providing UNHRC war crimes forms to only one party and that too clandestinely with links to LTTE-TNA. The shocking discovery immediately takes us back to sample formats appearing on internet to help…

Hundreds feared dead in Haldummulla landslide

Hundreds of people are missing after a landslide smashed into a row of line houses in a mountainous area in Haldummulla in Badulla District, early hours of this morning, and rescue missions are underway with the aid of police, army and the Disaster Management Centre (DMC)….

UPFA PS member arrested for robbery

A UPFA Thamankaduwa Pradeshiya Sabha member and four others were arrested yesterday (28) based on a complaint of robbery of cash and jewellery amounting to over Rs 500,000 after they entered an official quarters belonging to the Paddy Board in Kuruppu junction, Polonnaruwa….

UNP MP complains of night club in sacred city

The first ever night club in the Anuradhapura sacred city had been established in the vicinity of Sri Maha Bodhi and Ruwan Weli Seya, UNP Anuradhapura District MP P. Harrision told Parliament yesterday….

Two-thirds of Sri Lankan refugees want to remain in India

A survey by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, conducted among the one-lakh-odd Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India has found that 67 per cent of those interviewed wanted to remain in India….

Committee to study JHU proposals

A five-member committee was appointed yesterday to study the proposals put forward by the Jathika Hela Urumaya for it to support the government at an upcoming presidential election….

UNP MPs granted bail

Six persons, including four United National Party (UNP) MPs, who were accused of forcibly entering a government facility in the Colombo Port were granted bail yesterday (27) by Colombo Fort Magistrate, Thilina Gamage….

Will Tamils be satisfied even if Eelam is given?

Leaving aside the LTTE and other armed militant role in the terror that unfolded for most of post-independent Sri Lanka, it is no better a time to seriously wonder if Tamils in Sri Lanka or Tamil Diaspora holding foreign passports as well as those vying to hold foreign passports would finally be happy if they…

Is Yasmin Sooka biased and prejudiced against Sri Lanka

Yasmin Sooka was selected by Ban Ki Moon the UN Secretary General as one of his 3 member panel to advise him on the last three months of the conflict in Sri Lanka. That report was released in March 2011. Thereafter, Yasmin Sooka’s name has appeared numerous times associated with a globally funded campaign against…

I will expose more corruption: Champika

Energy Minister Champika Ranawaka said that he was prepared to expose more large scale frauds and corruption in detail, in the electricity and petroleum sectors involving billions of rupees….

‘Preparation for India not ideal’

Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews has said that his team does not have an ideal preparation for the upcoming tour of India as they were concentrating on fitness, and not skills, during the break from international cricket….